Burgers and Buns WORKSHOP

Burgers and Buns WORKSHOP


Listen, I get it. Burgers are a relatively easy food option for your backyard BBQ, but if I have to eat another shitty burger I might die! It’s time to learn the basics of a great burger and elevate it to something you’ll be proud to serve. There are SO many great combinations to consider. In this class, we’re going to break down the basics, show you how to make a gourmet, homemade burger (complete with brioche bun) and then we’ll kick it up a notch with some ‘new to you’ combinations. Bring all your family and friends and ensure you never eat a shitty burger again! 

Brioche Buns

Turkey and Chorizo Burger with Tomato, Chimichurri and Hickory Sticks

The Classic All American Burger- Dress it as you like it, we’ll have all the fixings

Sesame and Ginger Pork Burger with Sriracha Mayo, Roasted Seaweed and Cabbage Slaw

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