Indian 101 - Workshop Class

Indian 101 - Workshop Class


Love Indian food but have no idea how to make it or where to start? You’re not alone.  Indian cusine is packed full of amazing spices and herb combinations that give great depth of flavour, warmth and balance into their dishes.  In this class, you’ll get familiar with some spices, learn how to bloom them to create the most delish curries, master rice and make your own Sourdough Naan created by amazing pastry chef and my friend, Miss Lauren Hambleton.

(Note: while there is one meat dish in this class, it is very well suited for anyone eating a vegetarian diet.  Indian flavours are a staple for us when creating amazing vegetarian/vegan dishes for our menus)


Sourdough Naan

Butter Chicken

Cardamom Basmati Rice

Chana Masala

Paneer Korma

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