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Bring Havana Home - A Cuban Feast

  • blend catering 811 King Street East Hamilton, ON, L8M 1B1 Canada (map)

I was just in cuba amongst the white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean for a week of R&R.  It was GLORIOUS. So I decided to bring a little piece of Cuba back home via great food, good cuban music and kinship. We can’t sip Mojitos and smoke cigars on the beach so this cooking class will have to do.  Come cook, dance and eat with me!

Fried Plantain Tostones with Avocado Mash and Snapper and Mango Ceviche

Mojo Marinated Pork Tenderloin on Moros Y Cristianos ( rice and black beans) with Chicaronne

Deconstructed Mojito Cheesecake with Torticas de Morón (Cuban Sugar Cookies with Guava)

Don’t be THAT person, show up prepared! We have a few requirements to ensure you have a great class

  1. Closed toed shoes: Maybe not stiletto’s ( you’ll be standing and working so be comfy and safe)

  2. Tie back hair: Bring on the man bun (its beautiful and lush but we don’t want to eat it. Shake out your gorgeous mane when you sit at the dining table to enjoy dinner)

  3. Remove large jewelry: You fashionista you, (imagine your necklace falls in the sauce or your bracelet gets stuck on that pan and tosses it on the ground…I’ve seen both. It happens and it’s no good, so lets avoid it)

  4. WASH YOUR HANDS: Vigorously and often (I know you’re going to want to take pics of your amazing creations and family/friends/partners working and we LOVE that. Snap the pics, post on instagram and then wash your hands and get back into it, the food is not going to cook itself people)

  5. You can’t eat what?: Oh, you poor soul (please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions before the class. We can accommodate almost anything as long as we know about it ahead of time. Give us a quick call when you book or a few days before and we’ll work it out)

  6. Im STARVING: Just don’t be hangry ( you’ll have lots to eat in during our Hands-on classes so bring your appetite)

Bring Havana Home - A Cuban Feast
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