It’s Who You Know - Gagne Greens

Part of what makes a meal amazing is knowing exactly where it came from. That’s why we’re excited to introduce It’s Who You Know, our new series that allows you to meet passionate, hard-working farmers and food producers from all across Southern Ontario. First up, Michelle and Matt from Gagne Greens! 

I love to create delicious food using local ingredients, so I’ve been fortunate to foster a great relationship with Gagne Greens, a Hamilton-area organic farm that specializes in delicious greenhouse-grown microgreens. Farmer-founders Michelle and Matt had a vision to create healthy, farm-to-table produce with a longer shelf life. By growing in greenhouses with supplementary lighting, the microgreens are able to grow thicker stems and mature faster than they would with sunlight alone.

Another reason to love Gagne? The farm boasts its own small apiary to help boost the bee population and pollinate its crops. How sweet is that!? Gagne Greens are grown using sustainable and natural methods and delivered in 100% plant-based compostable packaging.

In this video, Michelle and Matt give me a tour of the greenhouse and germination room and show me which of tasty tendrils work best for smoothies, which are best in salads, as garnishes and more. 

Visit Gagne Greens at 442 Concession 10 E, Freelton, ON and be sure to give them a follow on social: 

Insta: @gagnegreens

Facebook: @gagnegreens