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Blend: A mixture of different things or quantities.

Blend Catering offers a full range of catering options for events including Cocktail Parties, Plated Meals, Food Stations, Fully Prepared Take- Home Meals and Corporate Events in addition to our cooking classes.  At Blend, we are committed to consistently producing excellent food that combines our experience, global exposure and passion for food to provide premium quality food options to our clients.

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At Blend, our menu is always changing to ensure we are using ingredients in their peak season.  We use as many local ingredients as possible but also source out great international products that are vital to creating some of out inspired dishes of global cuisines.

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Erica Guidi, Chef/Owner, has been teaching cooking classes for 5 years at the LCBO and various wineries. She blends her love and passion of food into entertaining cooking classes. Embark on one of the hands-on classes, where you’ll be instructed and guided through the preparations and execution of a meal or relax, sit back, and enjoy watching your meal being prepared course by course, while you follow along with the recipes and take note;

Cooking classes are a great way to learn a fundamental skill and take a more active approach to your meals.  You’ll have a great and unique night out with friends or family, it’s a great way to socialize for kids and adults alike or is a wonderful opportunity for corporate team building.

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